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sede ipsilon paralumi nove

Ipsilon Paralumi produces craftmade lampshades of indisputed quality since 1984. Born as a company mainly specialized in classic shantung, linen and cotton lampshades, today Ipsilon paralumi offers a very wide range of lighting solutions, also made-to-measure upon request, ranging from traditional style models to those of modern design.
All of our lampshades can be customized in: :

  • Shape, as we produce lampshades ranging from a 10 cm diameter to large suspension or ceiling lampshades that measure up to 2.5 meters in diameter.
  • Fabric, as we always have in stock more than 250 types of different fabrics, so as to be able to meet all our customers’ requests, even with very short deadlines.
  • Finishing, from the classic golden and decorated lampshades to those of more neat, simple and modern style.

Our company is known not only for the quality and craftmenship of our lampshades, but also for our fast and on time delivery. In addition to traditional manifacturing, Ipsilon Paralumi provides a customer centric service, giving the possibility to personalize all of its items. Indeed, we provide carved, engraved and printed lampshades decorated with ours or our customer’s drawings, thus creating beautiful lighting effects. We also specialize in the production of outdoor polycarbonate or pleated lampshades, made with a specific fabric suitable for the outside. With considerable investments over the time, thus distinguishing from other lighting companies, Ipsilon paralumi has equipped with::

  • High-precision computerized fabric cutting machinery, the same used by Ferrari to cut carbon fiber or by Louis Vuitton to cut leather.
  • Specific machinery for cutting plexiglass (we would like to point out that we use only original Plexiglass ®).
  • Machinery for printing fabrics specific for lampshades, which allow us to make high quality printed lampshades.
  • Specific printing machinery for plastic materials such as Plexiglass, polycarbonate for outdoor spaces and PVC.

Quality comes first at Ipsilon: each lampshade is hand-made without the use of cyanoacrilates, adhesive paper edge bands, double-sided adhesive or pre-glued edge bands, in order to prevent yellowing and unsticking that should affect the durability of the product. Our frames are made of galvanized steel and then varnished, making our lampshades resistant to oxidation and rust even in the most extreme conditions of salinity and humidity. If you need a top quality lampshade, then Ipsilon offers you the right solution! From large quantities for wholesale orders for hotels, contract companies, light fittings manufacturers and lighting producers to very small orders for shops, architectural firms, yacht or privates, Ipsilon meets all customers’ need and ensures on time delivery and great care of products. We are also available to recover and restore old lampshades.